Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sean and Laurie's Engagement Shoot

This past Saturday I did my first official photo shoot with Lucas. We did engagement pictures for our lovely friends Laurie and Sean in Baltimore outside of the Baltimore Museum of Industry and the American Visionary Art Museum. It was a lot of fun other than the fact that it was freezing cold outside. But I like the little bit of rosiness they had in their cheeks as a result.

Laurie and Sean are an amazing couple and could not be more perfect for each other. I'm so glad that Laurie found someone who compliments her so well and who truly appreciates the awesome chick that she is. We've been friends for a long time now and have been through a lot together. It's really awesome to see how far we've come and how rad our lives are now. Especially Laurie. I'm really proud of her. She's gettin' herself an education and working towards a career that I know she'll do awesome in.

Okay enough with the sap. On to the pictures!

My awesome husband snapped this picture of me, knowing I'd want a little reminder of my first photo shoot. He's sweet like that.

The first backdrop was a sort of tree house in a garden outside of the Visionary Arts Museum. It was really neat and went up into a tower. So I guess you could say it was more of a tree castle. Or tree tower. Whatever it was, we got some rad pictures inside of it.

These pictures were taken with a giant mirrored mosaic egg. This is where Lucas would go on his rant about how he doesn't get "art". A giant mirrored mosaic egg isn't really his cup of tea. So, I gladly stepped in to take some "artsy fartsy" pictures.

Look at their faces. Seriously- they're like GQ models.

I love their hands on the natural wood. So pretty and simple.

Ah, love.

Literally. "Love".

I call this the "everyone should know how lucky Sean is" picture. She's so purdy.

I was nervous (because honestly, my confidence could use a little work), but I'm really happy with how the pictures came out. And, I think Lucas and I make a pretty good team. At first we had a little trouble with our differences in style, but now we see how they compliment each other. I'm not always good at executing my ideas (still learning), but I can explain to him what I want and he'll get the shot perfectly or help me to do it myself. He's amazing. And a truly amazing photographer. I'm excited about all of the future photography gigs that we'll get to do together. I like being a married photography team. And just a married team in general.

PS: Lucas also posted about the engagement photo shoot today; go check out his blog to get his take on things and see some extra photos!

PSS: Visit the Martyr Media website to see more of Lucas' work. We can be contacted at or if you're in need of a photographer. Or two. :]


  1. Great pictures Starr! You guys make a super team. Just one question, where are the "furry" children pics?

  2. Great job! Laurie is freaking gorgeous. I like the one where they're both wearing their glasses.